Monday, May 5, 2014

University of the Arts - Senior Thesis, Spring 2014

"Midnight Snack" by David Romero

"Dust With Flour" by Annelise Williams

"Flight: Now In Grape" by Amanda Bautista

"The Turtle and the Leaf" by Eun Ock Kim

"Braving Dragons" by Kaitlin Till

"There Was No Party" by Matt Gemino

Saturday, May 3, 2014

University of the Arts - Junior Workshop 02, Spring 2014

"Being A Girl" by Marianne Murphy

"Baby And Bigfoot" by Katie Graziano
"Shaded In" by Drew Applegate

"No Luck, Charles" by Meg Loeb

"Why I Hate Ducks" by Alleana Harris

"Lunch Menu" by Mike Green

"Drawn Incorrectly" by Nishant Thelakkat

"Life Is Butt A Dream" by Jackie Bauwens

Life Is Butt a Dream "A Fireman's Test" by Jim Dai

"Tetragon Hall" by Phillip Stankus